Our Story

BlueCube Bio is a start-up from the Biopreservation Core Resource at the University of Minnesota. Our story began by looking right outside our windows and asking, “How do trees survive Minnesota winters?” The answer is combinations of molecules called osmolytes that work synergistically with cells and water at subzero temperatures. Built on 7 years of world-class cryobiological research, our technology protects a variety of cell types against the stresses of freeze-thaw and can help you capitalize on the cryopreservation of your cell products.

Our Mission

Cell Preservation Powered by Nature

Nature-inspired, nontoxic preservation to improve cell manufacturing, making the process:

  • Efficient – improve quality of preserved cells compared to standard methods
  • Safe – nontoxic preservatives are manufacturing-friendly and are safe to handle
  • Scalable – fit-for-purpose strategies enable batch manufacturing

Beyond our preservative solutions, we offer:

  • Technical support for each product and protocol
  • R&D services to develop new, customized preservation technologies
  • End-to-end consultation to optimize your preservation workflow


What’s in the preservatives?

The preservatives are DMSO-free and contain combinations of sugars, sugar alcohols, and amino acids in the optimal ratios to protect cells.

How do I use the preservatives?

Each preservative is designed for a specific cell type and comes with an optimized protocol.

Can I use a Mr. Frosty or CoolCell?

Yes, but passive freezing devices do not offer the same control as a controlled rate freezer.  As a result, using these solutions with a passive freezing device will result in lower post thaw recovery and greater variability. 

Do I have to incubate the cells in the preservative before use?

Yes, the incubation time in the protocol is designed for optimal cryoprotective action of the preservatives on cells. Otherwise cell viability, recovery and/or function would be considerably lower.

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BlueCube Bio

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